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Dori PerrucciCompelling personal stories have captivated me from the beginning of my career.

On my first reporting job at The Daily Record in Morristown, N.J., my long-form narratives on mental illness, abortion rights, and other deeply divisive issues drew readers and won journalism writing awards. To tell their stories, I interviewed street kids and wrote their stories for Covenant House, the shelter for homeless and abused youth on Times Square in New York City. I contributed to several books on topics that are often overlooked. New Neighbors, Old Friends, a book I edited and produced pro bono for the Morris County (NJ) Historical Society, tells the heart-wrenching stories of the Italian immigrants whose sweat built the glittering mansions along “Millionaire’s Row” in Morristown during America’s Gilded Age.

I’m just as passionate about personal finance. My bylines on the dozens of topics related to this news beat have published in print and digital news outlets including: The New York Times, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, TheStreet.com, The Star-Ledger, NJ Biz and businessjournalism.org. My stories stand out for the expertise and detailed reporting skills gained while reporting for “Staying Ahead,” the syndicated personal finance column bylined by Jane Bryant Quinn. I am the co-author of Asset Allocation For Dummies® (Wiley). During the financial crisis, three of the six trade books I contributed to became New York Times’ best-sellers.

If you’re an editor with a feature story, a personal essay, or an opinion piece to assign, or a book agent or publisher searching for a book that will capture the attention of readers, please contact me here.

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Researching Your Roots Takes Some Digging

November 19, 2023

How I wish Henry Louis Gates Jr., the host of “Finding Your Roots” on PBS, had invited me to be on his show when I began researching my family history. That would have helped me prepare for my trip to Montazzoli, Italy in the summer of 1974, but Dr. Gates didn’t launch his show until…

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Grandfather, We Never Knew You

November 5, 2023

My sister Rachelle does not impress easily, but I could hear a genuine note of admiration in her voice. “I didn’t know that,” she said. “That is interesting—I never knew that about our grandfather. ‘Bird of passage,’” she repeated. She had just read my blog “Bird of Passage”—Where is Your Home?” Rachelle and I and…

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How Far Are You Willing to Go, to Find a New Life?

October 23, 2023

Every year on October 23rd, I think about my grandmother Rachel. I knew that she arrived on Ellis Island on October 23, 1920, but I never wondered why she took a ship from Le Havre, France instead of Naples, Italy. My grandfather Concezio had to walk or share a ride in a donkey cart for…

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