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I’m glad you dropped by, and I hope you’ll read my new blog, Dori on the Dime. I’ve been writing about personal finance since 1998, initially for Jane Bryant Quinn’s Washington Post column, and under my own byline since 2001. But beginning in 2018, I’m focusing my time on two personal finance blogs: the one I write monthly for, the website of the Donald W. Reynolds Business Journalism Foundation, and Dori on the Dime, which I’m introducing here. Follow me through the week as I track down answers to my own personal finance questions, about: investing my money (“Can I count on the stock market to help me make my money last?”); holding onto more of my money (“Can I really cut the cable TV cord?”); and managing my money (“How do I stay healthy, given the costs of health care?”). Health care costs, which keep ticking upwards whether you’re retired or still working, are one of the nagging issues I’ll be writing about a lot. What questions do you have that I can help you with this week?


Welcome to Dori on the Dime, April 30, 2018

Asset Allocation

Credit Cards

Are You Ready for 2020? July 17, 2018


Are You Ready for 2020?, July 17, 2018



Investing Basics



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Should You Switch to a Medicare Advantage Plan?, May 28, 2018



Stock Investing