In 2021, I am putting the personal finance blog I write for on hold and focusing my time on writing Searching for Home: The House That My Grandfather Built, and taking my blog, Dori on the Dime, in a new direction.

The thrill of chasing after the nickels and dimes of personal finance has moved me into exciting new directions as an author and journalist since 1998. Money does indeed make the world go round.

But there is something more important than money, I learned. Searching for Home began taking shape in 2003, when I moved out of SoHo and back into the house that my grandfather began building in Scotch Plains, New Jersey in 1921.

I grew up in the house listening to my father’s stories about Concezio, who was 16 years old when he immigrated from Italy in 1906. But it took me until my mother was diagnosed with cancer and Aunt Jo with dementia to begin hearing what my father was trying to tell me:

Money may make the world go round, but sacrifice and courage and devotion give it its true worth.

Dori on the Dime had to shift, too. My personal finance blog had launched in 2018, when I began spending more time with Aunt Jo, who had moved from assisted living into a nursing home.

Then Covid-19 arrived in March 2020, and forced her, and all long-term-care residents, into a now-yearlong lockdown. Most family members can only “see” their loved ones via Skype or FaceTime, or on the other side of a window, at arm’s length, but I am fortunate.

My aunt went on hospice in early December, which allows me to visit her in her room. I began writing about my visits and posting to Dori on the Dime in January.

Covid-19 has disrupted our society, and our individual lives, but the pandemic also offers us a rare, and rich, “second chance” to rebuild the values that our grandparents and parents lived by. I welcome your comments and questions.



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